Meet Christine Leblanc

Meet Christine. ( aka Clo) Co-owner of Life & Color Hair Studio in Chinatown. Vibrant, grab life by the knackers kinda girl. 

Who or what inspires you? Oooooooo Everything, Design, architecture, fashion, nature, travel, the past, present and future.

Who is your style icon? Hmmmm, I'd honestly say I don’t have a particular person. I'm obsessed with street style and have always had stacks of magazines around my place. If I had to pick someone I'd say the Olsen twins. They break rules and mix multiple styles together.

What piece in your closet means the most to you. I don’t place a ton of monetary value on things... So it doesn’t matter how much something was. I'd have to say... a vintage Celine choker I bought at an antique market in Paris, or a vintage black rabbit fur coat given to me as a gift.

Favourite place in the world? I must be starting to sounds so indecisive, but that is such a difficult question. For a city, I'd say New York. Yet put me on a white sand beach and I'm happy. The mountains are pretty amazing too! Ok Ok I'll stop!

What do you love about Vancouver? SOOOOOOOO many things. I love the different neighbourhoods we have, and how each offer great cafes, restaurants, shops, and different sub cultures. The beauty!! Not a day goes by that I'm not in awe by the ever changing scenery of Vancouver, the mountains, trees, the water, skyline, the light, sunsets, sunrises...( ok maybe the really gross grey rainy ones I could do without, but hey, we can't have it all)

What's your favourite room in your home? My bedroom.....(Bow chicka wow wow)...haha juuuuust kidding. More because I work in bed, I wake up make coffee and jump back in there and do some work on my laptop. Also at night... after a long day, I jump into bed and watch a show on netflix or get trapped on you tube. Its just so darn cozy in there.

Describe your ideal work space ? Bright with lots of natural light, inspiring positive people, creative energy, great neighbourhood..... Kinda sounds like Life & Colour Salon...weird:)

What's your favourite neighbourhood in Vancouver? Chinatown, not only because Life & Colour is located there, but because of the community. We have been there for 4 years now and have seen the neighbourhood grow and change so much. There's a tight knit community of local entrepreneurs/business owners that support each other and promote each other. You can feel that, it's a family.

What could you not live without? Change. Coffee

Oceans or lakes? Ocean, the blue super salty kind. Small swell with a perfect right break. 

Often found making babes even more babe-like at: 

Life & Colour Salon

233 Union St

Vancouver, BC 604-569-2033


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